“Don’t Text #Just Drive” campaign benefits all Kansans

Texting and driving endangers you as a driver and everyone around you. When you take your eyes off the road, the chances of causing a devastating vehicle crash increase dramatically. It takes an average of three seconds after a driver’s mind is taken off the road for any road accident to occur. That’s the time it takes to turn on your ignition when starting your vehicle.

I challenge all Kansans to take a pledge this fall to stop texting and driving by going online to Taking the pledge there also shows your support and school pride for your favorite participating Kansas university: the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Fort Hays State University, Wichita State University, Washburn University, Pittsburg State University and Emporia State University. All of them are in a friendly competition to get the most pledges between now and November 22.

Texting 50555 and the appropriate school code (KU, Wildcat, Tiger, Shocker, Ichabod, Gorilla, Hornet) will also send a vote and secure your pledge.

This stop texting and driving campaign is sponsored by the Kansas Insurance Department, the Kansas Department of Transportation, The Kansas Turnpike Authority, AT&T, the Kansas Automobile Insurance Plan and several insurance companies operating in Kansas. For more, go online to .

In taking the pledge, you show dignity for yourself and for others. Please make this commitment to improve driver safety in Kansas because it is important for you and your family. Remember the campaign’s slogan: Eyes up, phone off, save lives.

Source: Kansas Insurance Department, Ken Selzer CPA

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