Insurance Department college initiatives help support Insurance Careers Month

TOPEKA, KS — Programs highlighting the benefits a career in the insurance industry continue at the Kansas Insurance Department (KID), according to Ken Selzer, CPA, Commissioner of Insurance.

The month of February is designated as the inaugural Insurance Careers Month by national insurance companies, trade associations and industry partners. KID is promoting the idea of stability and longevity in the insurance workforce by moderating 2016 insurance career events at many Kansas universities.

The first is at Emporia State University Feb. 10; Kansas Newman University in Wichita will host a similar event on Feb. 16; and Pittsburg State University will be the site of the third monthly event Feb. 17.

The department coordinated two other university insurance career events in the fall of 2015, one at Washburn University and the other at the University of Kansas.

“The February national collaboration on promoting insurance careers builds nicely on the statewide outreach we began last fall,” Commissioner Selzer said.

At each of the KID events, a panel of insurance professionals will discuss the opportunities for students to work in insurance, as well as possible courses for them to take during their postsecondary studies.

“We encourage students to attend the sessions and find out from the professionals how rewarding and stable employment in insurance can be,” Commissioner Selzer said. “They can gain first hand-knowledge about how different interests and skills can fit into an insurance career.”

The meetings and event activities also increase awareness of the effort of KID and the Kansas Insurance Education Foundation (KIEF) to promote scholarships for those seeking insurance careers at state universities and colleges. Commissioner Selzer and KIEF representatives continue to meet with insurance companies to discuss their financial support for educational opportunities.

KIEF is a 501(c) (3) tax exempt charitable foundation administered by the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents, headquartered in Topeka.

The scholarship initiative goals call for an influx of college-educated employees entering the Kansas insurance industry work force following completion of core insurance coursework or certification. The coursework is designed as a collaborative effort by Kansas colleges and universities.

Source: Kansas Insurance Department



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