Breeding Season
With calving season nearly wrapped up and pairs being turned out to green grass, breeding season will begin before
Pork Industry May Face Large Losses
Large pork supplies, rising costs, and potential trade retaliation from both Mexico and China continue to cast a shadow
Publication Provides Comprehensive Overview of Pasture Management
A new version of an iconic Iowa State University Extension and Outreach publication has been released, providing updated information
A Positive Outlook for Corn
A strengthening trend in corn consumption, smaller corn acreage, and the developing production issues in South America signify a
Trade Retaliation Measures Could Hurt U.S. Farm Sector
A FarmPolicyNews update last month discussed executive branch implementation of U.S. import tariffs on solar panels and washing machines, as well
Are We at a Tipping Point With Weed Control?

If farmers could no longer control weeds with existing herbicides, Americans would take notice pretty quickly.

Sept. 1 Grain Stocks Estimate Provide Muted Support for Prices

The USDA’s estimates of Sept. 1, 2017, grains stocks released on Friday provide an indication of increased consumption for both corn and soybeans.

Kansans should watch out for deer— because they are not watching us

The chance of a driver having a vehicle collision with a deer in Kansas is approximately 1 in 125.

Consumer alert: Know the signs of water-damaged vehicles

Officials say that within the next two months vehicles will appear for sale from unscrupulous sellers that are the result of water damage from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Fall Grazing Offers Opportunities and Challenges

NDSU Extension specialists offer fall grazing advice.

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