Profit Optimizer

The AG360 Experience: Profit Optimizer

Our Profit Optimizer gives you crucial insight into the cost-effectiveness of your operation.

The Profit Optimizer is an online account that tracks profitability on a crop-by-crop or field-by-field basis. You enter your operation’s expenses, target profit goals, and projected yields at market prices. This creates a benchmark that you can measure against. Market updates occur every day for accurate farm analysis.

With profitability forecasting, you can track break-even movement based on cattle/grain trades.

This real-time information is accessible anytime, anywhere on your devices.


Using a diverse mix of insurance offerings and an innovative 360-degree approach, we collaborate with our clients to guard their assets, optimize their profitability, and help them build and secure their legacy. The AG360 Experience encompasses five core areas of service: risk identification, asset protection, profit optimization, grain marketing, and precision agronomy. Our agents can assist you every step of the way to help your plan become a reality. Click on the core areas above for more information about each area.

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