Precision Agronomy

The AG360 Experience: Precision agronomy

AG360 understands precision agriculture, and can help you manage and assess risk by providing these services:

  • Physically drive your field boundary for each field, tying documentation, prescriptions, and the A/B lines.
  • Client, farm, and field structure set up to match your FSA and crop insurance information.
  • A/B line set up for each field.
  • Import data into your system for true plug-and-play operation.
  • Data management solution by integrating our documentation into your decision-making process.

Put Your Precision Ag Data to Work With AgDoc

AgDoc is an online precision farming data management site that captures your documentation in an organized fashion, allowing you to analyze your data. Perhaps most important, AgDoc allows you to share information with others such as agronomists, service providers, custom applicators, property owners, crop insurance reporting personnel, and FSA reporting.

Make It Easy With Automated Crop Reporting

Take advantage of Automated Crop Reporting from Farmers Mutual Hail. ACR takes the acreage and crop production data that is automatically captured by your precision farming system for crop insurance and FSA reporting.

  • ACR: ACR provides a more convenient way to use your precision ag data for semi-annual governmental reporting. Plant it, record it, send it. You’re done!
  • FSA Reporting Process: Each crop season, we have the ability to print out an FSA report that includes essential information you need to certify at the FSA office.
  • Map Books and Wall Maps: Laminated map books with accurate field acreage and boundaries to assist you in your crop insurance and FSA reporting.


Using a diverse mix of insurance offerings and an innovative 360-degree approach, we collaborate with our clients to guard their assets, optimize their profitability, and help them build and secure their legacy. The AG360 Experience encompasses five core areas of service: risk identification, asset protection, profit optimization, grain marketing, and precision agronomy. Our agents can assist you every step of the way to help your plan become a reality. Click on the core areas above for more information about each area.

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